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PradědPradědGóra Pradziad (Praděd)


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The highest mountain of Moravia (1492 m above sea level). On te top there had been built view-tower in the year 1912, but it was removed in the year 1959. Today stay on the top of Praděd new 145 m high television tower from the year 1970 with TV sender and view place in the height 40 m. There is possibility to visit a restaurant in the tower. The tower is very expressive dominant of Moravia. If the weather is kindly, you can see Giant mountains or Slovak Hight Tatra. Massif of mountain Praděd is nature preserve with characteristic plants. On its north-west slopes there are situated Tabulové rocks with many types of mosses, lichens, and other rare plants. On the score of rare nature you can mount to the top only on marked tourist ways.

Praděd in winter
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Sight of Ovčárna from Praděd
Sight of Ovčárna from Praděd
Table rocks near Praděd

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